Why Kinedo?

The bathroom has changed... it is not just an area of functionality, but a room of pleasure and relaxation.

We want the fittings to be stylish and original, modern and attractive. None more so than our shower – a place for calm reflection or vibrant invigoration. Behind every Kinedo self-contained shower cubicle there is the know-how, innovation, quality, excellence and reliability of the Saniflo brand, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the showering experience.

Purity of lines and elegant fittings are important, but the essence of true design is in the detail. At Kinedo we pride ourselves on well-conceived products with clever assembly and high quality materials, where no silicone is needed and there is no requirement for tiles or grouting. Every last detail has been thought through.

The benefits and beauty of shower cubicles are often overlooked as many people misunderstand the benefits of cubicles over enclosures. Cubicles offer a swift and efficient showering solution for any shape or size of bathroom. In most cases, you can have a watertight space, complete with the shower, controls and doors fitted and ready to enjoy in less than a day.

Kinedo cubicles are designed, manufactured and tested in our own production plants in France.This means we have complete control over the process and we can maintain the highest standards of quality and service. All our products have a comprehensive two year guarantee.

We also ensure that all our glass panels and doors meet the European standard EN12150 for toughened safety glass and we supply our products flat-packed for ease of manoeuvrability.

Silicone Free

In the humid environment of the bathroom, silicone will deteriorate and discolour without constant maintenance. With Kinedo cubicles silicone is redundant – the wall panels of the product are cleverly designed to fit snugly within the shower tray

No Leaks

The precision involved with each cubicle’s design allows water to simply run down the inside of the shower with no chance of escape. And as there is no need for tiling or grouting, your shower will stay looking as pristine as the day it was installed.

Cristal Plus Glass

All Kinedo cubicles are treated with Cristal Plus; a permanent, anti-limescale coating that minimises the build-up of calcium deposits and dirt on glass, reducing the need to clean. This treatment encourages water to run off the glass without leaving streaks or water marks.

2 Year Guarantee

Every one of our cubicles comes with a full two year guarantee, fully backed by Saniflo Ltd.

Case Studies & Testimonials

"The all-glass cubicle looks stunning and is much quicker to install than a standard shower tray with tiled walls."

Richard Fox - Kensington Developments

"We’d recommend a Horizon cubicle to anyone who needs a new shower. It is a modern, attractive design that offers so many other benefits."

David Warr - Householder

"I have had my bath replaced with a Kinemagic shower. The Kinemagic installer arrived on site, worked quickly and efficiently throughout the day to complete the job within the expected time frame. All work was completed to a high standard with site left clean and tidy. We are very pleased with the results - the appearance and quality are excellent. We have no hesitation in giving this product as 5 star recommendation."

Christine Dennehy - Householder

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what it says. Whenever you see the “No Silicone Required” logo next to a Kinedo product you can be assured that absolutely no sealant is required during the construction and installation of your Kinedo product.

CristalPlus is a factory applied coating to the surface of the glass that helps prevent the build up of limescale which in turn aids cleaning. Particularly useful in hard water areas.

All Kinedo thermo models require a minimum of 1 bar pressure. Anything below this will result in impaired performance and a shower booster pump may be required. Generally all models will function with combi boilers although it is adviseable to check with your boiler manufacturer first.

All Kinedo self contained shower cubicles are covered by a 2 year guarantee against faulty manufacture or defective parts.

The best way to clean you Kinedo shower product is with warm soapy water and a cloth or sponge. No abrasive cleaners should be used.

Yes it is possible several of the models of self contained cubicles from Kinedo are supplied with shower fittings so that you can fit either a mechanical shower valve or an electric shower.

No problem Kinedo offer a 1000mm x 800mm shower cubicle designed specifically to fit against 1 wall, as we have also a cubicle designed to fit with a 3 sided recess.

Kinedo offer a whole range of door styles. They are: pivot, bifold, sliding and quadrant.

Depending on the model you choose everything you need to install your shower is included in the box, including the shower tray and waste trap.

No you are doing nothing wrong. The diameter of the waste fitting is 40mm, if you are unable to find any waste pipe of a suitable size then you will need an adapter which will reduce down from 40mm to 1 ½ bsp. These are available from most plumbers merchants and can also be obtained directly from Saniflo.

The first thing is to follow the installation instructions. They are very simple to follow as they are mainly pictorial. If, however, you are uncertain at any time please contact our technical helpline. As far as the range of self contained cubicles are concerned there are certain things that need to be heeded.

1. They are all designed to be installed onto and up to finished walls and floors.

2. Silicone should not be applied on any surface of the product as it is not required. Finishing strips are either provided or are available to cover any gap that might occur where the cubicle meets the wall.

3. At least 400mm should be allowed for above the cubicle in order for the support brackets to be fitted correctly.

If in any doubt please contact our technical helpline.

A full list of stockists is available on this website. Please contact Saniflo for RRP.

Call us to find out more - 020 8842 0033

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Why Kinedo?